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 Tasleem Jamila aka TAJ is an internationally renowned poet, vocalist, fashion designer, holistic health consultant and cultural producer. Her sound is a fusion of hip hop, spirituals, mystical chants, and lyrical soul. With performances that include The Kennedy Center, Excel London, Columbia University (NYC) and the African World Festival of the Arts. She has performed her works across the US as well as the UK, Africa, and Canada and continues to tour worldwide. Tasleem recently published a book of poetry, Black Baptist Muslim Mystic which is receiving critical acclaim in addition to her album “Tasleem” and live and unplugged DVD “My Soul Speaks”. She is sought after for her captivating energy as a host, professional skills as a cultural producer and educating activist as a workshop facilitator. More information:  (More...) ​​​​
Gift of the Pen   -  Have you ever dreamt of building aother world that is surrounded by words, words that provoke thoughts into feelings?  Shaketa (Gifted) Ellison fulfilled that dream. On Jne 1st, 2007, she published a gift to the eyes and heart tittled "POISE." This is not the only time, however; Shaketa had reached great heights in a dreamfor this is now an endeared reality..  

Phenomena DaPoet  Much of her focus as both teacher and poet has centered around issues of truth, justice, racism, empiricism, colonialism, and spirituality. She was with the Dallas Chapter of the Black Panther Party, worked with various other civil rights groups, has served as a mentor, coach and judge in the MIST (Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament) on both Regional and National levels. As a teacher, she also sponsoring the Debate Club, Drama Club, and the annual Poetry Slam. She has been a Spoken Word artist for about 8 years, performing both nationaly and international at various venues, youth camps, Sunday Schools, workshops, community events, Inter-faith programs, and numerous radio shows."..

  Zaynab is Quiet Storm! A natural poet since her pen hit the page at the tender age of six. Life experiences and challenges sparked her motivation to start creating and perfecting her placement of words. Known by many as having a way with language; she speaks directly to the hearts and minds of the audiences she connects with. Over the years, her writing began to take on a more focused perspective encompassing more meaning and purpose that has served a as a shining light for many. With only a few years under her belt as a poet, she is a seasoned veteran and a force to be reckoned with on the mic and always prepared to weather the storm.   
Taiba Zahir recently moved to the DMV area from Massachusetts to pursue a Master's in Public Health at The George Washington University. She fell in love with public speaking and spoken word in high school, as it became her outlet of inciting change. This has led her to be an organizer for Muslim Writers Collective Boston and MIST Boston, give a speech for the governor of MA, and be a recognized force in poetry venues across the country. 
Holly Mara Gobelez has been a poet since she was in elementary school. She first felt the buzz when her teacher had her submit a poem to a Children's Poetry Anthology Book. Since then, she has written countless poems, songs, going on to take Creative Writing courses at Binghamton University, in which she received a Creative Arts Award on her Poetry Project after a Theater trip to China. Also an actress with a degree in Theater, she enjoys the performing aspect of being a poet - and has performed at various Open Mics in the DC area, including 'Art Between Us' and 'Crescent Moon Nights'. She has also published her poems via the online magazine 'The Tempest', and she's currently compiling a book of poems to be published