Who are The Muslim Women of Spoken Word?

They are ordinary people like you and I...Women who experience life in a population some would say have no voice.   ...all of whom have their own unique stories. experiences. struggles. desires. hopes & dreams.

A fresh perspective in the world of poetry & the arts.  Come hear them speak as they reach deep down, explore and share who they are as women & artist. They may be from different backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life... We highlight Six Amazing spoken word artists from various cultural backgrounds who share at least two common bonds; their experiences as women who are Muslim as well as their love for the arts.

Crescent Moon Nights presents 'The Muslim Women of Spoken Word'
Join them as they embark on a journey that will bring these dynamic individuals to a city near you to share their hearffelt visions and experiences in the form of spoken art. These women are guaranteed to captivate the audience and take them on a lyrical journey through the trials and triumphs of their souls as they share their unfiltered stories. ... in their own words.

See the Muslim Women of Spoken Word  at the next show...
This Fall in Chicago