What is the ‘Inverse Theory’?

INVERSE = something that is the opposite or the reverse of something else.

THEORY = a proposed explanation whose status is still hypothetical and subjected to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

After many hours of brainstorming and browbeating, “Inverse Theory” emerged as a perfect title since the acronyms for New Muslim Cool and Crescent Moon Night NMC/CMN are a mirror image of each other, hence “Inverse”. Theory is represented due to the experiment that takes place when music is created and especially when it is performed live.

That being said “Inverse Theory” is a music showcase that merges positive, conscious messages together with raw innovative talent which is the opposite of the sex, drugs and money obsessed, manufactured pop and hip hop music industry. This is what is believed to be polluting the young minds of today. We want to make a positive image of what the music industry could look like and inverse the theory that music corrupts the mind. We want to encourage mindful, positive messages through performing arts. We want to build that bridge for Muslims to create their own music that speaks to them and create an understanding and integration of cultures and varying faiths.

“Inverse Theory” means that the performers will bring knowledge, creativity and talent, the words will invoke thought and the music will be unforgettable. It will be a concert not to be missed!


Crescent Moon Knights

Since the inception in April 2006, CMN (Crescent Moon Nights), a DC based organization that continuously creates a plateau for artistic expression among the American Muslim community. CMN thrives on the passion to bring communities together focusing on the arts and entertainment removing the pressures of cultural and faith segregation, while creating that space to help and encourage the development of artists and performing artists. It may seem like a tall order but through the enriching community services, support of local businesses, art events, youth initiatives and annual special events it is an ongoing achievement with every event. CMN’s flagship product is its monthly Open Mic, which features some of the most creative imminent talent in the Washington DC Metro Area and around the country.

CMN is also known for exciting, annual events such as:
•Poetry In The Park
•“Food For The Soul” Ramadan Iftar & Open Mic
•‘The Remix Concert’ Concert Series
•Muslim Women of Spoken Word Showcase
•“Community Sandwich Shop” Feed The Homeless event
•“Day of Dignity” partner with Islamic Relief

As if that isn’t enough, CMN partners with N’finate Productions for “DayONE”, an exciting New Year Day dinner/cruise/concert which draws an audience of over 300 people nationally and internationally.


New Muslim Cool

CMN has maintained a positive partnership with the production team and cast from the award-winning feature film New Muslim Cool, which opened the 2009 POV season on PBS. In celebration of the films 2009 national release on PBS. CMN co-sponsored the 4th of July 'New Muslim Cool' Screening, Live Concert & BBQ in Washington DC. This unforgettable concert featured, Amir Sulaiman, M-Team the Kominas and more hotdogs and hamburgers than we could count.

Now, this Labor Day Weekend in conjunction with the 49th ISNA Convention, CMN is proud to once again, partner with New Muslim Cool for the “Inverse Theory” Music Showcase. CMN and NMC share a common goal; to celebrate performing arts as an educational tool to encourage critical thinking, analyze social conditions, encourage creative writing, self-expression and more importantly to provide young people a venue to be creative.

Without a doubt bridges are being built to create a new wave of positivity. Communities are coming together a new trend and plateau is being set and we want you to help build one more bridge to make ‘Inverse Theory’ the final piece to put unity and arts on the forefront.

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