Community Sandwich Shop
Crescent Moon Nights (CMN) was initially launched with a community service element designed to promote giving to underserved communities. In the past, Crescent Moon Nights has volunteered at local soup kitchens, held a community clean-up and provided food for the local homeless population. On Sunday, September 5th, 2010 we hosted our first bi monthly "Community Sandwich Shop".

The Community Sandwich Shop is an effort organized by Crescent Moon Nights to galvanize local volunteers to donate in order to buy supplies to make sandwiches for local homeless people in the downtown DC area. Please use the "Donate" button to the left and give to this worthy cause and we will e-mail you with sign-up information. We need funds in order to purchase supplies for brown bag lunches that will certainly brighten-up someone’s day. A few dollars to you is a whole meal to someone in need.

The Next Community Sandwich Shop will take place from in April on April 10th with the help of the group called community based group MPAACT. Together with your help we can make a difference in soneones life...

...not everyone can say they know what they are having for dinner tonight.

Let's Pitch in and show some compassion to make a difference in someones life.